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We provide complete end-to-end production services of the very highest quality from concept through to delivery.

The Post-Production Effect

Prior to preparing production files for distribution, the post-production process is designed to filter, compile and enhance shoot material to achieve its fullest potential. Unlike many production agencies, however, at Brandammo we combine our comprehensive post-production skills and experience with our marketing and design services to ensure every project we undertake not only looks the very best it can, but is meaningful and effective in communicating to its target audience. From planning and concept creation to production, post-production, artworking, design and implementation, our team have extensive experience across all stages of the production process.

Backward Thinking

In what can be a relatively time consuming and potentially costly process, detailed planning and research is key to successful delivery of a production brief. Working closely with a client, we find that understanding their expectations (i.e. what they want to achieve) and working backwards through the process considering available resources and possible time constraints is the best way to ensure the brief is met on time and within budget.

The Right Team

Understanding the client’s objectives and creative variations between photographers and the support personnel is essential to assembling the right team for a shoot. Further consideration of studio set-up, locations, models, props, styling, lighting and equipment will all be finalised prior to a shoot based on practicability and other influencing factors.

Production Services

Achieving the best possible results from a photo or video shoot, both visually and conceptually in relation to the brief, is essential. At Brandammo we have experience developing creative concepts and art directing a wide variety of shoots, ensuring the smooth running, maximum efficiency and best possible end-results for our clients.
Where imagery of the highest standard is required, the photo shoot itself is just the first part of a two-step process. The post-production team at Brandammo has a proven track record of working with brand owners and photographers across all areas of retouch, from blemish removal and colour correction to image manipulation and compositing.
At Brandammo we are proud to have built long-standing working relationships with some of the country’s most well respected photographers. From high-end art shoots to commercial video and photo shoots, we are confident we can bring in the right photographer for your specific requirements that will surpass all of your expectations.
Regardless of the size and complexity of a project, planning and management is essential to ensure the required end-result is achieved on time and within budget. With many years’ experience project managing a wide variety of shoots for our clients, the team at Brandammo can ensure the smooth running and best possible outcome of any project.
With costs of television advertising falling and increasing internet speeds, video is slowly moving from a highly exclusive to relatively accessible marketing tool for small to medium sized businesses. Drawing on in-house creative and production skills, we have experience creating a wide variety of video and motion projects for our clients.


Puma Africa

Working with renowned photographer Jamie Morgan and stylist Barry Kamen Brandammo were commissioned in 2009 to produce a series of imagery combining original photography and Kehinde Wiley artwork to promote Puma’s Africa collection. The imagery would be used both in-store and as part of a multi-media marketing campaign globally.

Working closely with a large number of stakeholders we were able to produce imagery that combined authenticity and paid homage to the artist whilst being distinctive and relevant to Puma’s commercial objectives. The imagery was very well received by both Puma and consumers and achieved widespread critical acclaim.

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Shown below is a small selection of most recent production work. To see our full portfolio please click here.


Ben Fell
Brandammo are a dynamic, multi-disciplined agency who thrive on exceeding client expectations. What sets them apart from other top agencies is their ability to deliver truly integrated multi-media campaigns.
Ben Fell/Head of Marketing Dunlop Slazenger
Joe Jaques
I have never worked with a creative agency who have understood my business and brand so quickly. I almost don’t want the rest of the world to find out about the team at Brandammo so we can keep them to ourselves.
Joe Jaques/Commercial Director Jaques of London