Brandammo Case Study | Blaze Sunglasses E-Commerce

Case Study 2

Blaze Sunglasses


Established in 2010, Blaze Sunglasses is an e-commerce retailer of designer sunglasses and ski goggles set up and managed internally by the team at Brandammo. Blaze sells a large (and growing) range of designer sunglasses and goggles including Ray-Ban, Oakley, Prada and Gucci to customers both in the UK and a range of selected overseas Countries throughout Europe, America and Australia.


Blaze Sunglasses was designed and built on Magento in-house incorporating a wide range of enhanced features and functionality including Brandammo’s extensions Pronav, ProGallery and ProCategory. Every part aspect of the site from design, technical development, product photography and copywriting to search engine optimisation (SEO), social media and all on and offline marketing is carried out in-house – as well as the general day-today management of the business itself.

Since being launched the website has been under constant development, adding new features and functionality such as the recently included Oakley Goggle lens simulator. Our continued development of the website has allowed us not only to improve user-experience (thereby increasing sales), but also enabled us to pass on real-world practical e-commerce skills and experience to our clients.


Since launch, search engine optimisation (SEO) has been undertaken to build long-term organic rankings using a ‘quality over quantity’ approach. This has been combined with a range of quantifiable methods to boost traffic in the shorter-term, including pay-per-click (PPC), price comparison website feeds, HTML email marketing, social media, affiliate campaigns, flash banner advertising and a range of carefully targeted offline marketing activities such as print advertising.


Since being launched Blaze has experienced steady growth both in the United Kingdom and overseas. Despite seasonal peaks and troughs, overall turnover has increased ahead of traffic due to decreasing bounce rates and increased conversion rates achieved through enhanced website user-experience, and more effective on and off-site marketing.

Within three years, Blaze Sunglasses is turning a healthy profit, which has allowed us to add new product categories with the aim of expanding into new markets during the next 12 months. Our continued success throughout all areas of the business  has also allowed us to pass on our real-world knowledge and experiences of commercially effective and ineffective e-commerce design, development and marketing techniques to our clients.


+ Qty sales over 12 months (2013)


+ Revenue over 12 months (2013)

Conversion Rates

2011 50.38%

2012 79.59%

2013 89.07%

% increase in conversation rates over three years since launch.